Driving Traffic Through Breaking News

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Driving Traffic with Breaking News to your website is an important tactic to master.

One of UBE, Inc.’s newest clients, ConsumerInjuryLawyers.com, is working on  Multidistrict Litigation (lawsuit) against DePuy Hip Implants.  They cover many drug  & medical equipment recalls and lawsuits but one of their main focuses right now is for DePuy Hip Implants.  Late yesterday (Dec. 16), NYTimes.com released an article about Faulty DePuy Artificial Hips with lots of great information about the recalls, the company involved (Johnson & Johnson) and more.  The client reached out to us and we jumped into action to make sure we had the maximum level of exposure to help Drive Traffic through this Breaking News about DePuy.

DePuy Hip Implant Recall - ConsumerInjuryLawyers.com

We were contacted bright and early Friday (Dec. 17) morning around 7:15am.  We spoke briefly with the client and within the HALF HOUR we had our advertisements for DePuy related keywords showing right on the article’s page. (bottom right of the page).  Additionally, the client is putting together a DePuy Hip Implant Recall Press Release and updating and adding content to their website.  These are just a few of the ways to utilize Breaking News to Drive Traffic.

Top Strategies to Drive Traffic with Breaking News

Breaking News Press Releases

Issuing Press Releases about Breaking News Topics relevant to your content is a great way to help Drive Traffic to your website.  Be sure to reference a reputable source’s website with information about the news and of course make sure to get some links (proper Anchor Text) to the rest of YOUR content on your site. Press Releases can be issued through Press Release Websites, PRNewswire.com for example, and this will push your release to tons of other websites.

Additionally, be sure to cover that Breaking News Topic with a Press Release right on your own website.  The more content you can get on your site the better.  The hope will be to Drive Organic Traffic (left side of Google, unpaid traffic) to your site by Ranking for your terms on the first page of Google & other engines.

On Page Content Helps Drive Traffic

In addition to creating Press Releases to place on your site, it is VERY useful to create a couple of extra pages of General Content (information about the topic).  By creating more content, the search engines will see that you have something to offer potential visitors.  Pushing Traffic to this content through Social Media is a really great idea as well.

Make sure that your new content is Optimized for Search Engines to maximize your benefits for posting the content.  There’s nothing better than showing up on the first page of Search Engines for your main Keyword Phrases.

How Social Media & Blog Commenting Drives Traffic

Connecting your Blog’s RSS Feed to your social media sites like Facebook & LinkedIn is an easy way to help Drive Traffic to your site.  Your favorite Social Media sites can even pull this information automatically so all you have to do is create the content on your website and the RSS Feed takes care of the rest.  Social Media sites will pick up the content and share it, hopefully Driving Traffic to your website.

Blog Commenting is another create way to get involved with Breaking News topics and Drive Quality Traffic to your site.  Do a search and find some blogs that feature information about the News you are covering.  Make some comments and be sure to link back to the relevant content on your website (press releases, new pages, etc).

Driving Traffic with AdWords / Facebook

As we mentioned before, one of the first things we did to Drive Traffic today was set up our Google AdWords account to display our advertisements on that NYTimes.com article.  By including NYTimes.com in our campaign’s settings for Content Network Managed Placements, we made sure that we were showing on the NYTimes website and relevant pages within it.  We also made sure we had coverage for the regular Search Network (difference between search and content networks) by increasing keyword bids, expanding on keywords, etc.

Using Facebook, depending on your industry, can be very useful as well.  Driving Traffic to your Facebook Fan Page or directly to your website can be set up in minutes and specifically targeted.

These are just a few tips to help utilize Breaking News topics to Drive Traffic to your website.  When done properly you can see a nice spike in traffic and hopefully a return on your time and money investments.

Driving Traffic via Breaking News

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