5 Ways To Control Junk/Spam Mail

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Controlling Junk/Spam Mail can be a never ending battle for some.  It is easier than you might think to “take back your inbox” and cut down on the number of “Viagara” and “Resume” and other junk messages you receive.  There are many steps you can take to help cut down your unwanted mail and with a little bit of practice, you can keep your inbox under control in the future.

Here are FIVE suggestions to help you keep unwanted mail out of your INBOX:

1. Junk/Spam Mail Lists within your Mail Client:

Most email clients Outlook, AOL, GMail, etc give users the ability to add Senders or Email Addresses to a BLOCK/SPAM List.  If you are unfamiliar with your particular Email client’s block lists, try checking the help or FAQ section for more information.  By actively adding to your Block list, your Email client will catch the emails before they get to your Inbox and put them either in your JUNK folder or just delete them right away.  Additionally, International Databases are updated with email addresses and other information often and by telling your client what is Junk, you can help the rest of the internet world.  When you update your client (or it updates itself) it has it’s own list that it gets from these databases that helps keep spam out.

2. Unsubscribe from unwanted Mailing Lists:

While some messages that we get may be from Spammers, other messages may be from people, companies or websites that we have given our info to.  Too often, a lot of the Junk Mail is from these sources (newsletters, solicitation emails, etc) and we simply don’t want to receive their messages anymore.  Furthermore, or Email address often is “given out” (or sold) to lists of people.  If you have the option (usually at the bottom of the email) to UNSUBSCRIBE from a sender’s list, do it.  If the person is running a legitimate list or using a website to manage it, all it takes to be removed is a simple click.

3. Spam Control Settings & Rules:

A very simple way to help control Junk & Spam Mail is to utilize “protection settings”.  Many email clients have easy to use Spam Filters.  If you have an email address @yourdomain.com contact your hosting provider about updating these settings.  By increasing your protection level you can see an immediate decrease in the number of Spam & Junk Mail messages you receive daily.

Additionally, some clients (Outlook for example) offer RULES to help decrease Junk & Spam Mail.  By telling Outlook that I want to take any message with “Viagara” in the subject line and delete it automatically, I can easily cut back on some of those unwanted messages.

Being proactive with these Junk/Spam Settings and Rules can make immediate impacts on the number of garbage emails you receive daily

4. Smarter Browsing:

This one is pretty easy.  Be smart when you join websites, sign up for things, etc.  If there is an option, which there always should be, to OPT OUT of newsletters, updates, monthly mailers, etc. then DO IT.  Very often you will get emails any way but it is worth a shot.  It may be a good idea, after you sign up with a website, to go to the MY ACCOUNT or PROFILE page and check to see if there are OPT OUT options on that page.  Some websites will hide this from you but do some snooping and you’ll find it.  If not, shoot the website an email or a CONTACT US form and tell them to get you off that pesky list.

5. Secondary Email Address:

If you join a lot of websites or if you don’t want to miss out on all those monthly or weekly updates why not set up a secondary email address.  Use this email address whenever you sign up for newsletters, mailing lists, websites like Netflix or Blockbuster, etc.  This will help keep your primary email address clear of those unwanted Spam & Junk Mail messages and still allow you to check in on the other account when needed.  It may be good to use GMail or AOL or another big brand client because their Spam & Junk mail filters are updated more frequently and should help keep the real raunchy stuff out.

A proactive approach is important here.  If you are already getting tons of Junk & Spam Messages than Tips 1-3 are for you.  Once you get things more under control be sure to continue with those tips and utilize 4 & 5 as well.  If you need help or have any questions, feel free to Contact Us.

Control Junk & Spam Email Messages

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