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Google+: 5 Awesome & Standout Features (or Updates)

Google+ launched earlier this year and was able to capture more than 40 million users in it’s first few weeks. It boasted dozens of features that Facebook either did not … Read more →

Top Chrome & Google+ Commercials of 2011

In the past Google hasn’t put much behind advertising on television. However, 2011 saw several high quality commercials put out by Google promoting new or improved products and tools. Google+, … Read more →

Google Launches a Redesign

this post originally appeared on the Official Google Blog Six months ago we started rolling out a new look and feel for Search, News, Maps, Translate, Gmail and a bunch … Read more →

Google+ Offers Guide for Politicians and Candidates

With the launch of Google+ Pages for Business and the upcoming Election season Google has launched a helpful guide to politicians, elected officials, activists, etc. to assist them in setting … Read more →

Google+ Open for Business(es)

A few weeks ago Google released Google+ Pages for Business opening up the flood gates for businesses to utilize the Social Platform for their business presence. Google+ continues to evolve … Read more →

Your Questions: Negative Google Places Ratings/Reviews

Continuing our Series, Your Questions, we received an email question today from Dr. Rob Garfinkel of Bellmore, NY.  His question was in regards to a ‘negative’ rating/review that was posted … Read more →

Upgrade Website Ad Skills to Boost Business

[Newsday, Melville, N.Y. – by Patricia Kitchen] August 22 – It’s not just the backpack gang who’ll soon be heading back to school. The fast rate of change in the … Read more →

Your Questions: Bulk Upload to Google Places

We have been providing what we feel is some really great info here in our blog. As we approach our 100th post we are going to begin to work hard … Read more →

Google Makes Call Metrics Available

This morning [7/19] Google is announcing that the availability of its Call Metrics (call-tracking capability) is going to be available to Canadian and US AdWords Advertisers. By assigning and positioning … Read more →

The Google+ Project

Google has made a big announcement. Those in the know have been waiting for Google to break into the Social Networking game in a big way for a long time … Read more →