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Increased Transparency for AdWords Quality Score

Earlier this week [4/24/12],  Google put out an update to the way they display Quality Score within your AdWords dashboard. Google posted information about the update on their blog and we … Read more →

Status Insights via AdWords helps you diagnose faster

Always striving to offer the advertiser the most robust solutions available, Google posted another updated earlier this month [3/20/12] to help you better test your ad’s visibility. “This week we’re … Read more →

Google AdWords – Ad Sitelinks Improvements

In the middle of February [2/14/12] Google posted another update to improve your ad’s quality and relevance to the searcher. The benefit of the update is the ability to more … Read more →

Notes From Google: Ads Quality Improvements

this post originally appeared on the Inside AdWords Blog When searching on Google, users appreciate results that are relevant and deliver a great experience after they click. In August, we … Read more →

Google AdWords: First & Top of Page Bids

Now that the ‘Position Preference’ feature is no longer available within the AdWords online dashboard figuring out how to show your ads in the best position becomes a bit more … Read more →

Notes From Google: Top of Page Bid Estimates

this post originally appeared on the Inside AdWords Blog “We’re excited to announce a new metric in AdWords, top of page bid estimates, to provide additional assistance in optimizing your … Read more →

AdWords ads drive 89% Incremental Traffic

This post originally appeared on Google’s Inside AdWords Blog Advertisers often wonder whether search ads cannibalize their organic traffic. If search ads were paused, would clicks on organic results increase … Read more →

Series: Google AdWords 101 – Actual CPC v Max CPC

“How much do I have to pay, what does it cost, my keywords are HOW much?” These are all common questions we get when speaking to new AdWords advertisers getting … Read more →

Notes From Google: Click-to-Call Enhancements

Dear AdWords Advertiser, If you currently have a phone number in your ad text or have plans to start adding your phone number in an ad, this is an important … Read more →

Google Makes Call Metrics Available

This morning [7/19] Google is announcing that the availability of its Call Metrics (call-tracking capability) is going to be available to Canadian and US AdWords Advertisers. By assigning and positioning … Read more →