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Facebook Wants Your Organs… Kinda

Facebook made a major announcement today on Good Morning America, making public a new feature which, according to Zuckerberg “will save thousands of lives!” Facebook has many good, and yes … Read more →

“Other Messages” – A Little Known Facebook Secret

A recent article by pointed me to an issue with Facebook’s Messaging system that I, and I am sure many others, simply did not know about. With Facebook Messages … Read more →

4 Simple Facebook Timeline Tricks

As we have shown you in these recent posts [ timeline explained in detail & get timeline now ] Facebook has launched a new profile design that is sure to … Read more →

New Facebook features aim for small firms

this post originally appeared on People who run small businesses — especially solo entrepreneurs low on staff and resources — can use several new features being rolled out by … Read more →

New Facebook Profile: Timeline Explained in Detail

Well the new Facebook Timeline is coming soon, whether you like it or not. For the few people we have spoke to that have been able to activate the timeline … Read more →

Get the Facebook Timeline NOW

Yesterday [9/22/11] Facebook made a HUGE announcement at their annual F8 Developers Conference. Among other important compenents, Facebook announced a new Profile that is sure to change the way we … Read more →

Facebook’s New News Feed

How has News Feed changed? All of your news is now in one place with the most interesting stories featured at the top. If you haven’t visited Facebook for a … Read more →

Facebook Shuts Down ‘Places’

Facebook’s Foursquare ‘competitor’ Facebook places, was just shut down by the social networking giant. Did you use it? Do you care? The fact of the matter is that most people … Read more →

How to access Facebook Video Calling

Today [7/6/11] , just a few moments ago, Facebook made 3 announcements of new features they are pushing out through the 750 million user strong Social Networking site. The features, … Read more →

Google: 1 Billion Served (monthly)

According to reports from comScore, Google found itself setting a major record in the month of May.  Google became the first company to ever hit the 1 billion users landmark.  … Read more →