Your Questions: Bulk Upload to Google Places

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Bulk Upload to Google PlacesWe have been providing what we feel is some really great info here in our blog. As we approach our 100th post we are going to begin to work hard to answer some of your questions directly.

In that spirit, our first installation of “Your Questions” relates to Bulk Uploads to Google Places. Have more than 10 listings you want to claim in Google Places? It’s easier then you think.

Q & A Intro

GW: Is there a way to create Google Places pages in “bulk” (upload info from an .xls, perhaps) for a company with many locations?

UBE: Thanks for the question G. Yes, you can do that for 10 or more locations.

GW: Wow, that’s awesome. Does Google provide instrux on how to do that? Does each location have to receive and respond to a postcard in the mail? Or can it be centrally managed?

UBE: You can manage them all from one account but they each would have their own, separate listing.

And now, the “How To”

Google gives you detailed instructions on how to make this happen via their Google Places help section. Here are the steps, visit that link for details

“If your business has ten or more locations, we recommend uploading a spreadsheet file. Follow the steps below to get started!

Step 1: Visit Google Places
Step 2: Sign in or create a Google account
Step 3: Enter business information in a spreadsheet
Step 4: Upload your spreadsheet
Step 5: Check your spreadsheet for errors
Step 6: Publish your listings
Step 7: Request bulk upload verification

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