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UBE is now working with a new client ( helping them optimize their blogging website.  The site is fully functional and recently went through a major redesign.  Unfortunately, the blog writters did not work on optimizing their articles from the get go and they now find themselves with several thousand articles that need to be optimized for search engines.  Additionally, they are continuing to write articles and need to know proper strategy for those.

While this is a huge project, we are currently working on smaller parts of it.  Firstly, we are working on new articles that are optimized for specific topics that we hope will garner Search Engine traffic for the website.  The site already gets plenty of traffic through social media sources such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc but lacks in the organic traffic.   A good example to show how we are working to expand the site’s SEO is our work today.

We took a look at Google Trends, Google’s tool that shows hot search topics, and noticed that “Miley Cyrus Smoking” (#1) and “Salvia” (#6) where the popular terms this morning.  After a short Google Search we discovered that TMZ leaked a video of Miley Cyrus Smoking Salvia out of a bong at a party. Salvia is a legal Marijuana alternative and if you don’t know who Miley Cyrus is, Google her.

After we discovered this, and decided this could be something that TheCampusSocialites’ audience might be interested in, we proceeded to strategize a plan to build out some optimized articles and hopefully generate some organic traffic from search engines while the news was still fresh.  The plan was as follows:

Create 3 articles (blog posts)
Optimize those articles
Include pictures and videos
Link all the articles to each other and any other Miley Cyrus articles that may be on the site.

We created an article about Miley Cyrus Smoking Salvia, another about Salvia, and another about 5 Celebs being caught smoking.  The idea was to optimize for Miley Cyrus and Smoking Salvia.  By creating these few articles, linking them together and inserting both photos and videos (all optimized for our terms), we can show Google that we might be a “relevant” source for these different terms.  Hopefully we will see some traffic because of our work.

This general strategy can be applied to any topic.  The idea is that you want to create content for your keywords and link to other, relevant content, throughout the rest of your site.  The more “extras” you can put like videos or images, the more intriguing that article may be to the user.

Blog Search Engine Optimization

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