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Seth Meyerowitz is the CEO of UBE, Inc. Meyerowitz is a Google Certified Trainer, Google Apps For Education Certified, a Google AdWords Certified Partner, and a Google Analytics Qualified Individual

Facebook Wants Your Organs… Kinda

Facebook made a major announcement today on Good Morning America, making public a new feature which, according to Zuckerberg “will save thousands of lives!” Facebook has many good, and yes … Read more →

Increased Transparency for AdWords Quality Score

Earlier this week [4/24/12],  Google put out an update to the way they display Quality Score within your AdWords dashboard. Google posted information about the update on their blog and we … Read more →

Status Insights via AdWords helps you diagnose faster

Always striving to offer the advertiser the most robust solutions available, Google posted another updated earlier this month [3/20/12] to help you better test your ad’s visibility. “This week we’re … Read more →

California Get Online

California was an awesome trip. We had the wonderful opportunity to meet business owners from all across the state of California. Starting in LA we then traveled to Irvine, Bakersfield … Read more →

Apple “See & Touch” Event – New iPad?

Apple is holding a huge event today which they are calling “See and Touch”. When the invites for the event were sent out a few weeks ago they said “We … Read more →

Google AdWords – Ad Sitelinks Improvements

In the middle of February [2/14/12] Google posted another update to improve your ad’s quality and relevance to the searcher. The benefit of the update is the ability to more … Read more →

Google Privacy Policy Update

“One policy, one Google experience”. That is the motto behind the new Google Policy Site. Today [March 1 2012] marks the change over date from Google’s old policy guidelines to … Read more →

Web search reveals story of WWII survival

[via:Newsday] Seth Meyerowitz never knew his World War II veteran grandfather, a turret gunner who survived the crash of a B-24 Liberator in France in 1943 and who evaded capture by the … Read more →

Small Business: Be a standout on LinkedIn

this story originally appeared in Newsday, By: Jamie Herzlich Creative. Innovative. Dynamic. – All very descriptive words, but terribly trite, according to LinkedIn’s recently released 2011 list of the most overused … Read more →

Google+: 5 Awesome & Standout Features (or Updates)

Google+ launched earlier this year and was able to capture more than 40 million users in it’s first few weeks. It boasted dozens of features that Facebook either did not … Read more →