Apple’s, “Let’s Talk iPhone” Event Coverage

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Apple is making a big announcement today at their “Let’s Talk iPhone” event. The internet has been ‘abuzz’ for the last week or two leading up to today [Oct. 4, 2011] and if this event meets even half the expectations it should be an amazing day.

I will do my best to keep this page updated with news/info as it comes across. Be sure to ‘refresh’ the page often to get the most up to date happenings… the event starts at 1pm EST so get ready!

A couple of things we are already expecting:

Artificial Intelligence via Siri (to be name ‘Assistant’)

The real star of Tuesday’s show will not be the hardware, though. This event will focus on software, specifically one piece of software that Apple: the iPhone Assistant.

Assistant is the successor to Siri, the iPhone app that helped users with their daily tasks with natural language voice commands. Ask Siri to find a restaurant for you, and it could not only complete your requests, but it could also help you book a reservation. courtesy of Mashable.. entire story

A Possible New Design:

Larger Screen, ‘Teardrop’ Shape, Etc.

That’s all the time I have for the rumors. The event starts shortly.

Stay Tuned…

note:many of the photos and updates are from Mashable

1:00pm EST: – Getting ready to start

1:05pm EST: Leaked iPhone Photos? Same design?

many people believe that Apple will in fact announce TWO new phones today. One being an iPhone 4s which would be a cheaper model (~$99) and the long awaited iPhone 5.  9to5mac shared these leaked photos from the Apple website. There is a slight difference in this phone and the current iPhone 4 (notice the ‘proximity’ sensor slightly moved).

1:12pm EST Tim Cook is on stage!

Tim Cook is the new CEO of Apple replacing Steve Jobs. He is on stage now talking about new Apple Stores that have opened and a bunch of other ‘apple is the best’ type of stats.

1:15pm EST – Next up iPhone Talk.. More stats, blah blah blah

1:20pm EST –  Talking more about stats. now talking about the iPad and it’s use in Schools, Education, Hospitals and more. “Every state in the US now has an iPad program or deployment going in place today”…

1:25pm EST – Scott Forestall comes up to talk about iOS

“We have passed the Quarter of a billion iOS devices sold.”… ME: Have a feeling the next actual announcement will be about the long awaited iOS update.

500,000 Apps in AppStore and more than 140,000 made for iPad.
1 Billion apps downloaded per month
New app available called ‘Cards’ – create and mail cards from you iPad and iPod touch. (free download on October 12)

1:31pm EST – Cards shot below courtesy of Mashable


1:35pm EST – Newstand: there’s lots of publications that build subscriptions specifically for the ipad such as the New Yorker, and GQ. This app now organizes your subscriptions and will download new issues in the background.

1:39pm EST – iOS 5 available for free upgrade October 12

1:42pm EST – rehashing of some iCloud stuff. iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage service announced back in june(?) here’s a story about it on Huffpost

1:46pm EST – iTunes Match (already been annouced) allows you to match your ‘ripped’ music with the iTunes equivalent within the cloud. This service cost $24.99 per year. ME: ill just keep my ripped (or illegal) music and NOT pay for it..

1:50pm EST – Phil Schiller takes the stage to talk about iPods (ME: they still make those)

iPod touch with get iOS 5
new iPod is a Clock.. 16 new clock faces… Me: GIVE ME iPHONE
iPod nano tracks walks and runs.
new iPod Nano available TODAY


iPhone 4s. looks the same. ALL NEW INSIDE:
New A5 Chip, Dual Core Processor, Dual Core Graphics
runs the same chip as the iPad (thats a big deal, should be much faster than current iPhone 4 models)
8 hours of talk time on 3G (4G ?)
6 hours of browsing
14 hours of 2G talk
9 hours on wifi

2:04pm EST – WORLD PHONE – this one is big. this phone can be used as a world phone which means you dont have to get international phones… cool

2:08pm EST – New Camera:

New iPhone 4s now has an 8MP camera instead of the 5Megapixel of the current version.. Allows you to shoot at 3264×2448 (that just means larger therefore better quality for printouts and such) “we’ve also added backside illumination with a sensor that gathers 72 percent more light” … etc etc.

2:09pm EST – real iPhone 4S pics coming shortly.

iPhone camera – 1080p video and real time video image stabilization ME: cool

Nevermind on the pics, that was pics that the phone takes.. not pics of the phone. ME: essentially guys it is the same as the current iPhone 4 as far as looks.

2:15pm EST – new iPhone 4S can now do AirPlay.. ME: COOOL!  Those of you unfamiliar, AirPlay lets you stream from any device to your TV (to put it simply)

2:17pm EST – Meat and Potatoes? Scott Forestall starts talking about the phone being able to “understand words and meaning”.

more explanation of this at the beginning of this post. but this is the Voice Assistant

User: “Wake me up tomorrow at 6AM”
Siri set’s an alarm and tells the user that it’s done so.
User: “Do i need a raincoat?”
Siri: It sure looks like rain today.
Siri actually understand the concept of raincoat and how it relates to weather. Pretty sweet.

ME: THIS IS THE STANDOUT FEATURE BY FAR!!… o yea, you can say, Siri “read my message” (not as distracted while driving?)

Nice touch here that they kept the company name instead of calling it something else (ie Assistant) ME: gives it a more ’emotional connection’

2:24pm EST – This IS artificial intelligence. It is actually thinking:
Forestall: “Do I have any meetings Friday at Noon”
Siri:”You don’t have anything on your calendar this Friday…”

2:28pm EST – ME: This just got WEIRD… But a very nice touch

2:32pm EST – doing a recap of all things iPhone 4S and Siri

Costs of the new Phones

2:35pm EST – iPhone 4s Pricing:
16 gb $199
32 gb $299
64 GB $399
or $99 for the original

and FREE iPhones – the iPhone 3GS is now FREE with 2 year contract
iPhone 4S pre-orders start Friday and are available October 14th
iPhone 4S will be available on multiple carriers: Sprint, ATT, Verizon

2:40pm EST – THAT IS IT!!! no iPhone 5. sorry guys. but the 4S seems pretty legit and the Siri assistant seems pretty much AWESOME.

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