Apple “See & Touch” Event – New iPad?

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Apple is holding a huge event today which they are calling “See and Touch”. When the invites for the event were sent out a few weeks ago they said “We have something you really need to see. And touch.”

Well, the wait is finally over. The event is today [3/7/12] at 1pm EST and all the rumors and hear-say will finally come to an end. We’ll do our best to update this post throughout the day so be sure to check back often.

A Few Things To Expect:

HD not 3:

First things first. It has become almost completely acknowledged and accepted that Apple’s announcement today is for the iPad HD and not an iPad 3. “Word on the street” is that we can expect an upgraded model of the current iPad similar to what we saw back in October with the iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4s event.

But don’t get all discouraged. There still seems to be some really good upgrades to the current device that I am sure will drive millions to go and spend another $499 (likely starting price) for the ramped up model.

A Big Production

As in the past with Apple and product “launch events” such as this one is perceived to be, we should be expecting a big production here. Steve Jobs is no longer with us so Tim Cook will likely be taking over the presentation duties. Expect to see other key members from the different product teams, app developers, and any partners as well.

The Apple events in the past have always started with some history. Stats, data, a sense of “where we’ve been” is typical. I would expect a history of the iPad (as it seems that is what the event is most likely focused around) as well as a history of whatever features/technology may be added to the device.

Big, Bright, Beautiful – Retina Display

One such technology that many believe will be announced is an improved iPad display, perhaps Retina. Now to most people that doesn’t mean anything. But remember when you had Standard Definition on your TV and then switched over to HD? Or, as my friend Jake once told me, “I just put contacts in for the first time, it’s like seeing the world in HD”. That can help you understand the improvement between the current iPad display and the possible Retina display.

The iPad’s current screen resolution is a 1080 pixels x 768 pixels and, as Mashable noted in a previous article, the new Retina display has “an ungodly number of pixels. A 2,048 x 1,536 is for the iPad’s 9.7-inch screen. Most desktop monitors don’t go that high. A screen that dense would mean 1080p video — currently the highest-resolution video format in mass use — would use only two-thirds of the pixels available on the screen.”

Quad Core Processor

In addition to the improved display many industry peeps are guessing that the new iPad which will almost undoubtedly be announced today will have an updated Internal Processor.

Hopefully upgrading from the current Dual Core Processor, the belief is that Apple has “beefed up” the speed and capabilities with the new processor.

[update: The Verge is reporting that there will be a newer, faster chip in the updated model but it will NOT be the Quad Core but instead an A5X chip which still will have boosted speed and also some better graphics.]


Another strong rumor going around is that the new iPad will feature the quicker, 4G LTE service. Personally I don’t see why it really matters all that much, at least for the short term. I have a 4G device from Verizon and feel that finding places where you can actually achieve 4G service are few and far between. Especially as I travel around the US in the past 6 months (since I got the device) finding 4G hotspots is still difficult.

In my (humble) opinion it may make sense for Apple to hold the 4G capabilities for the next iPad 3 or 4 or whatever their next version is called.

Updated Apple TV Will Do 1080p Video

[via Mashable]: Not an iPad HD rumor, but it’s been widely reported that Apple will introduce a new Apple TV set-top box today as well. Enhancing it with the ability to output 1080p video is a no-brainer — after all, thecurrent iPad and iPhone can already do this, so it makes sense to have the experience consistent across devices. But will there be new content partnerships? Stay iTuned.

So I think thats enough rumors for now. The event is starting shortly and I will do my best to keep this post updated as I fly from NYC to Salt Lake City at some 10,000+ feet up… as long as my battery holds up. Stay Tuned!!!

[12:41 EST]

[12:55EST] People are taking their seats. Adele and The Strokes music playing. Everyone’s getting ready … Let’s Do It!

[1:02 EST] The event has started (on time). Tim Cook is on stage.

[1:05 EST] Tim Cook: “We have 3 post PC products out now, the iPod, iPhone and the iPad.” The iPad is “a revolutionary device that defined a whole new category. In many ways, it’s reinventing portable computing, and outstripping the wildest of predictions.”

Apple is building momentum. According to Cook: “The momentum has been staggering. We sold 172 million post-PC devices, 76% of revenues.”

[1:07 EST] “We sold 62m of those devices just last quarter.”Tim Cook now talking about iOS and Siri and expanding it to other languages: “It’s your best friend, your intelligent personal assistant. Our customers tell us they love it.”

“Now many of you have heard what Siri sounds like in the US, but we thought it might be fun to let you listen to Siri from other parts of the world. Like Australia.”

iOS 5.1 Announced and Available

[1:13 EST] iOS 5.1 Announced and Launched TODAY! Go ahead and download it now… if you can lol. This will have advanced Siri and I am sure other features.

Now on to Apple TV

New Apple TV announced. 1080p. New interface which looks more like iOS.

[1:19 PM] Cook: Apple TV will launch March 16th at a cost of $99.00

Now on to iPad…

As we mentioned in the pre-event story. Tim Cook is now going through some stats and history about the iPad.

“We sold more iPads in the last quarter of last year, than any PC maker sold of their PCs.” Cook continues, “This is a product that is less than 2 years old.”

“iPad users love their iPads” … ummm DUH lol

[1:25 EST]

A5X internal processor chip is now CONFIRMED!

[1:30 EST] missed the name of the guy on stage now but talking about the internal stuff like camera, retina, processor etc.

Retina Display is now CONFIRMED

[1:31 EST] “So the new iPad has a Retina Display. 2048 x 1536. The best mobile display that has ever shipped. That’s the first feature.”

Talking about retina display now. iPad is now better in regards to video RECORDING also. 1080P video recording announced. Thats pretty awesome stuff…. But does anyone really use their iPad for video?

[1:35 EST] 4G capability has now been announced.

New Camera on the back has better specs [including the aforementioned video improvements]

4G – Different versions for the new iPad based on your provider: “So for example in the US, we’ll have two versions of the iPad, one for Verizon and one for AT&T.”

“You’ll be able to use them as a personal hotspot.”… (me, EXCELLENT!) this is good news. means, like with some phones, if you have a 3G or 4G connection for the phone you can “tether” to it with your computer or iPad etc. NOW, the iPad can be the hotspot… Nice!

[1:41 EST] “You may be thinking that a lot of these technologies consume a lot of power. So how does it do on battery life?”

“The new iPad delivers the same as the iPad 2 in battery life. When you’re on 4G, 9 hours. Yet it remains incredibly thin. Just 9.4mm. And light, just 1.4lbs.”


“The new iPad comes in black and white. You’re probably thinking ‘what’s it going to cost’?”

The price holds the same as the current at $499. Other pricing so far:
16GB $499, 32GB $599, 64GB $699

[1:51 EST] Release Date is set for MARCH 16th! and “Preorder starts TODAY!!” (me, good luck getting onto the site though)

[1:58 EST] Been talking about a lot of the APP updates. One cool one (in my opinion) is “Jam Session which works via bluetooth to let people jam together on their new iPad.”

[2:15 EST] sorry for the delay folks. no chargers for my MacBook on this Delta flight… anyway, not much has happened in the interim. Guys on stage now are covering new/improved apps. Some cool stuff there for Video Editing, Photo Editing, etc. Take a look at Mashable for more details. (but please come back for more updates 🙂 )

[2:26 EST] The event is over

And the name is… NEW iPAD

here is all the important pricing information. sorry we couldnt get you all the details about the apps. My computers is running at about 5% right now.

Tim Cook is back on stage: “I’d like to thank all of the employees at Apple and everyone who supports us. Only Apple could deliver this kind of innovation in such a beautiful, integrated way. It’s what we love to do. It’s what we stand for. Across the year, you’re going to see a lot more of this kind of innovtation.”

Cook: “We are just getting started”

So, with that. Hope you enjoy the blogging. Come back soon!

shout out to the VERGE which is where we got most of these images….

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