Status Insights via AdWords helps you diagnose faster

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Always striving to offer the advertiser the most robust solutions available, Google posted another updated earlier this month [3/20/12] to help you better test your ad’s visibility.

“This week we’re introducing a status insights icon in the Ads tab that provides visibility into the approval status and potential policy limitations for each individual ad creative.”

“The new icon will be particularly valuable if you’re advertising products or services that are restricted by our advertising policies to show only in specific countries or with certain keywords.
To use the new status icon, simply hover over the speech bubble in the Status column of the Ads tab next to the ad of interest:

We’ll tell you if the individual ad is showing for the default keyword and location displayed in the hover. If you would like to re-diagnose the ad with with a different targeted location or keyword, you can edit the parameters from right within the hover:

This new icon complements the existing ad diagnosis tools, which include the status hover on the Keywords tab, a batch option to diagnose many keywords at once, and the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool.”

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