How to access Facebook Video Calling

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how to access facebook video callingToday [7/6/11] , just a few moments ago, Facebook made 3 announcements of new features they are pushing out through the 750 million user strong Social Networking site.

The features, Group Chat (text chat/instant messaging), New Design (to include a ‘buddy list’) and the big one, VIDEO CALLING.


The feature was announced LIVE today via Facebook and is ‘presented’ in partnership with Skype.

To access the new Facebook Video Calling simply follow these easy directions.

1. Visit this page on Facebook and click on the button labeled “Get Started”

2. After hitting the button, Facebook will take you through the process of installing (very simple) and getting started with your first Video Calling session. Note: whoever you are calling obviously has to have Video Calling set up.  But don’t worry, if they don’t they will be prompted to install.

3. Once you have the Video Calling installed and enabled, you can request chat with any available friend by starting a TEXT chat with them and click on the video camera icon (see below)


facebook video calling feature added

Updates & Notes

If the other person you are calling either ‘ignores’ the request or simply does not answer, there seems to be a “record a message” option [see below] but we tested it several times and it does not seem to work.  It keeps searching for our video camera even though we just finished a connected call. Strange.

facebook video calling - record message

– Only your friends can Video Call you

– To initiate Video Calling, you and your friend must both be online

Facebook Video Calling… Video

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