Seth Meyerowitz

Seth Meyerowitz – CEO of UBE, Inc.

Seth Meyerowitz is the owner of UBE, Inc. a Long Island based Website Design, Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Management company. Starting his “career” at the age of 12, Seth began by learning the basics of HTML and website design.

As one of only a handful of Google Certified Business Trainers in the country, UBE, Inc. is uniquely qualified to offer seminars which are managed and directed by the Google Small Business Marketing Department and all courses are led by a Google Certified Business Trainer from UBE, Inc.

These trainers have been hand selected by Google for their understanding of how to help businesses grow and for their passion for the same. Seminars are specifically designed to train you in how to use Google and Google’s tools to market and grow your business.

Google’s: “Get Your Business Online” Program

Last year, Seth Meyerowitz was invited to assist Google in their Get Your Business Online [] Program which aims to do just that, Get Businesses Online. He has had the extraordinary pleasure to accompany Google to more than 10 states. [more details]

“Small businesses are vital to America’s economic future; the nation’s 27.5M small businesses comprise half the U.S. GDP and create two-thirds of all new jobs. Although nearly all consumers look online for local products and services, 58% of U.S. small businesses do not have a website.

Many of these businesses are invisible to potential customers. Getting online gives businesses the opportunity to find new customers, increase sales and grow.” []


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