4 Simple Facebook Timeline Tricks

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Facebook Timeline TipsAs we have shown you in these recent posts [ timeline explained in detail & get timeline now ] Facebook has launched a new profile design that is sure to strongly alter the way you use the world’s most largest Social Network.

We wanted to fill you in on a few tips/tricks that should help you make the most out of your Timeline. Keep an eye out for an upcoming post showing you some fun ‘Cover Photos’ that you can play with as well.

View All Your Timeline Content

While the new Facebook timeline lets you see lots of information (posts, photos, updates, etc) in a very crisp manner there are some posts that you may choose to “Hide from Timeline”.  However, you may still be able to see a Blue Dot which annotates “half hidden” posts shown on the central line.

Facebook Timeline some Tips - Blue Dots

Get rid of those annoying ads

If there are specific ads that you see all the time and you would like to prevent them from showing you can very simply get rid of them.  By hovering over the top right of the ad you should see an “X”.

Faceboo Timeline Tricks - Hiding Ads

Go ahead and click that “X” and choose to “hide all ads from advertisers”.  Once you choose to hide that ad Facebook asks you to provide some feedback as to why you are choosing to hide the ad. This is optional.

Change Your Albums Primary Photo

One of the main standouts of your new timeline will be the way it displays your photos. Photos really take a front and center position and as such we have a tip for displaying the albums the way you want.

Facebook Timeline Tricks - Chaning your albums primary photo

Simply click the ‘pencil edit icon’ to select which image you want to highlight which will show it larger then the others.

View Profile As…

Facebook has, for a little while now, allowed you to view your profile through the eyes of your friends. This was surely to address the availability of the same functionality within the Google+ Social Platform. The benefit would be to make sure that things look right to different ‘lists’ of friends. This is a useful feature and if you care about making the most of the visual aspects of your new timeline, be sure to use the ‘view as’.

Facebook Timeline Tricks - View Profile As

So with these tips and tricks you should be ready to roll with your new Timeline Profile.  Get in there and make the most out of all the features available and share your Timelines with us.

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