4 Mistakes by Small Businesses on Foursquare

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5 Mistakes by Small Businesses on FoursquareIn our coverage of Foursquare in the past few months we have discussed the Foursquare platform and some of the cool deals and specials that can be offered as a business/merchant.

Here, we let you know the top 4 mistakes made by Small Businesses who are utilizing the location-based, mobile check-in platform for their business.

What is Foursquare?

Foursquare is a location-based, free platform for consumers and merchants.  Consumers can engage with merchants by “checking-in” to that merchants location and sharing that with friends. Merchants can incentivize customers with Foursquare Specials and Deals.

Foursquare has been slowly (in internet terms) growing over the past couple of years and now has more than 9 million users and 250,000 claimed businesses on its platform.

Here is our list of Top 4 Foursquare Mistakes:

Complicated Specials:

Foursquare top mistakes - Complicated SpecialsWhen consumers check-in to foursquare businesses they may be able to access specials. There are lots of types of specials and deals that can be offered and we have detailed them in a previous post.

We find that businesses are creating specials that may be too complicated for the consumer.  Some specials require a certain amount of check-ins by one user or for multiple users to check-in within a given time frame.

If you are just getting started with offering these specials perhaps offer a simple, Check-In special. The Check-In special provides anyone who checks in that special. No other requirements needed. This will help the customer utilize the special more easily.

Not Training Your Staff:

Foursquare Mistakes - Untrained StaffSo I am a customer and I come into your store and present your staff with a Foursquare Special.  They look at me with wild eyes and say, “what the heck is that”.

FAIL – if you are going to offer specials whether it be with Groupon, Google Offers, Facebook Deals or Foursquare, make sure that your staff understands the offers and what they mean. Be sure to share all details about the specials with all of your staff, or front of store employees.

Foursquare provides printable flyers once specials are created. There are two per special, one for customers and one for employees. Make sure to share this with all employees and post them at registers or service desks.

Make sure that you share any additional specials, or changes to current ones, with both your customers and more importantly your staff.

Not Promoting Your Foursquare Specials:

Foursqure Mistakes - Not advertising that you are a merchantMaking it easier for people to have access to your specials and deals is very important. When you claim your Foursquare Listing or create a special, Foursquare will send you a ‘window cling’ to display.  Make sure that you put this stickers on your window where people can see it.

Some may not know to check-in if they are unaware you are on Foursquare and may be more inclined to check-in if they know there is a special.

Give Away Too Much With Specials:

Foursquare  Mistakes - Too Much BusinessWe have seen many small businesses with issues with Daily Deals & Check-in specials stemming from ‘too much’ business. Yes, that’s right, TOO MUCH BUSINESS

The problem arises where you offer specials with an expiration date. Many businesses find that on the last day they see a large influx of customers.

This might be good, but can also be a big problem.

A restaurant may normally have 50 people on a Friday night but end up with 150 on the expiration date.  This means they may not have enough food, wait times are longer, problems with not enough staff, etc.  This can lead to poor ratings and reviews.

Make sure that you are prepared for the increased foot traffic you may experience!

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