3 Simple Reasons to Use Google AdWords

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Using AdWords to promote your business

No matter what your business is, Marketing is vital to bring in new business and clients.  Google AdWords is the program offered by Google to allow Businesses to run Advertising on Google Search Pages & Partner Sites.  Setup can be done in minutes and Ads are shown per your specifications.  Geo Location & Demographic targeting allows for more relevant and valuable traffic.

Target Users Who Are Targeting You:

The beauty of the AdWords system is you are targeting people who are actively searching for your product or service.  By choosing keywords that you want to advertise for, your ads show when users search for those terms.  Additionally, you only pay when a user CLICKS YOUR AD and visits your website.

Target Users with Google AdWords PPC


Studies have shown that top Organic Results (left side of Google) garner about 20% of the pages clicks, top Paid Results (right side of Google) garner about 20% of the pages clicks.  However when you show in both locations, you will see about 60% of the clicks on a page.  This addresses the concern of many people who say “I am already ranking well for my main terms, why should I pay to advertise?”

3 Reasons to use Google AdWords PPC

Getting Started – Keeping Up With the Competition:

If your competition is advertising and you are not, you are allowing potential business to slip right through your fingers.  Getting started with AdWords is easier than you think.  UBE, Inc. has special coupons that offer your first $100 of advertising FREE.  That means that you can start running ads and if, after accumulating $100 in ad spend, you are not happy with your results, you pay NOTHING.  How great is that?

Google Adwords PPC - Keep Up With Your Competition

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