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UBE, Inc is a full-service Online Marketing Company. We are based in Long Island and offer Website Design, Pay Per Click Management & Search Engine Optimization. Online Presence & Visibility is becoming increasingly more important to businesses as consumers & information seekers turn to the internet to find what they need.

We provide customizable, results-driven solutions for all types of businesses with a friendly and personal touch.  We offer free consultations for all of our services and look forward to working on your project. Contact Us today at (516) 330-3865 for more details or to get started!

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Google Seminars Presented By UBE, Inc:

Completed 101
May 11& June 14, 20, 27, 29
July 26 & August 3, 10

Completed 201
July 20, August 24 & November 1st

This is a unique opportunity to gain knowledge about many Online Marketing Tools, including many offered by Google, and how they can optimize the presence of your business throughout the online community.

  • Facebook Wants Your Organs… Kinda Facebook made a major announcement today on Good Morning America, making public a new feature which, according to Zuckerberg “will save thousands of lives!” Facebook has many good, and yes some bad/annoying features. The ability to listen to music and share that music with friends, post/share photos and more and common to the Social Network. But ...
  • Increased Transparency for AdWords Quality Score Earlier this week , Google put out an update to the way they display Quality Score within your AdWords dashboard. Google posted information about the update on their blog and we have shared the details with you below. Quality Score is a main component in determining your eCPC or your Actual (effective)  Cost Per Click. It is vital ...
  • Status Insights via AdWords helps you diagnose faster Always striving to offer the advertiser the most robust solutions available, Google posted another updated earlier this month to help you better test your ad’s visibility. “This week we’re introducing a status insights icon in the Ads tab that provides visibility into the approval status and potential policy limitations for each individual ad creative.” “The new ...
  • California Get Online California was an awesome trip. We had the wonderful opportunity to meet business owners from all across the state of California. Starting in LA we then traveled to Irvine, Bakersfield and Sacramento. We were certainly well received and it was a true pleasure to get to know some of the great businesses and business owners in ...

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